[Community DevRoom] Talk proposal - How the Italian Government is running its open source strategy

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at teamdigitale.governo.it
Wed Dec 6 19:22:31 CET 2017


I am part of the Italian Digital Transformation Team, a group of 20 experts nominated by the Italian president to transform and digitalize Italy. Our main focus is of course Italy, but all our projects are international in nature, and we’re working with similar European teams to export the same model and best practices.

In particular, I have been tasked with leading the Open Source strategy of the country. As part of my job I am making sure that all (or almost all) code created by public administrations is created with open licenses (GPL, AGPL, BSD and CC-BY), on collaborative platforms (such as GitHub or Gitlab), and under Open Governance models, where the community is able to take over maintainership. I am also working to set up hackerspaces all around the country, where people can develop new open source software and hack on all kind of Free Software projects.

I would love to share this experience at FOSDEM, if it could be interesting for you. I know it’s way past the deadline, but I think these topics can be inspirational for many attendees, and I have only received clearance to speak at FOSDEM today, so I decided to try anyways.

Let me know if this could be interesting!


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