[FOSDEM] Talk at FOSDEM on Nagios Plugins

Ton Voon ton.voon at altinity.com
Wed Dec 6 16:11:36 CET 2006


I'd like to volunteer to do a talk at FOSDEM please.

I work on the Nagios Plugins (http://nagiosplug.sf.net) and would  
like to do a talk about writing plugins for Nagios, using the  
Nagios::Plugin perl module from CPAN. I'll do a demo of how to create  
the plugin, using other CPAN modules, and query an online service to  
return data for Nagios to process.

Would you be interested in this?


T: +44 (0)870 787 9243
F: +44 (0)845 280 1725
Skype: tonvoon

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