[FOSDEM] Call For Lightning Talks

Christophe Vandeplas cvandeplas at fosdem.org
Mon Dec 11 13:04:52 CET 2006

from the FOSDEM website: <http://www.fosdem.org/2007/lightningtalks>

Lightning talks are your 15 minutes of fame: every open source or free
software project can apply for a lightning talk.
During exactly 15 minutes, one person gets to present the project or an
aspect of it.
All lightning talks will happen in a large room that can host almost 300

Interested in applying ? Don't waste any time and read more before all
places are taken.

You can apply for a lightning talk if you comply with the following
* Every project can only have one lightning talk.
* The project may not have a Developer Room at FOSDEM.
* A lightning talk is given by one person.
* The travel expenses of Lightning Talk speakers are not covered by
FOSDEM. * We won't send official invitations either. (needed sometimes for
international visa)
* All Lightning Talks will be recorded. The recordings will be made
available freely, shortly after the event.

Also note that in order to be granted a lightning talk, you will have to
follow these rules:
* A fixed computer is used for all presentations: the speaker must send in
his presentation before Thursday 12th February, 23h59.
* The following software will be available on the computer: firefox, xpdf
3, acroread 7, openoffice.org 2. (Other software can be requested, but may
not be granted)
* The speaker must attend the lightning talk of the speaker before him, in
order to guarantee a smooth switch between speakers.
* A speaker is given exactly 15 minutes time. There will be a clock that
indicates the time that the speaker has left. When the clock rings, the
speaker may not speak another word.

If you are interested in doing a lightning talk, then send an email to
lightningtalks at lists.fosdem.org with following information:

Your full name (you being the speaker) and country of origin
* The name and website of the project
* A short description of the project
* A short description of what your lightning talk will be about.
* A short bio, especially regarding your FOSS activities.
* Optionally, a photo of yourself.

The lightning talks schedule information will be published on the FOSDEM
website, including the information above.

Lightning talks are handled on a "first received, first handled" basis, so
don't wait too long to apply.
The final lightning talk schedule will be published on the website on the
27th of January.

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