[FOSDEM] It's Alva :)

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Thu Nov 9 23:09:23 CET 2006

Yeah, i am really glad that spam is the first mail i get over this 
mailing list.
It's even better than: recieving spam before recieving a reply from 
fosdem's contact email address in reply to an inquiry sent days ago :-)



Alva Haynes schrieb:
> Our Hottest pick this year!  Brand new issue Cana Petroleum!
> VERY tightly held, in a booming business sector, with a huge publicity 
> campaign starting up, Cana Petroleum (CNPM) is set to bring all our readers 
> huge gains.  We advise you to get in on this one and ride it to the top! 
> Symbol: CNPM
> Current Price: $2.95
> Projected Price: $11.40
> Check the stats!  Check the level 2!  Imagine what this one will do when the 
> full force of the PR campaign hits it, in conjunction with smashing news!
> Major oil discovery?  We are not permitted to say at this point.  All we can 
> say is that this one is going to see amazing appreciation in a very short 
> period of time!  This is your opportunity.  Win big with CNPM!  
> --
> GEORGE, South Africa (AP)  -- South Africa has sought to heal the wounds of its brutal past at a funeral for former President P.W. Botha, the man who inflicted much of the pain as he led the nation through some of the darkest days of apartheid repression.
> PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Bill Cosby settled a lawsuit Wednesday with a woman who said the entertainer drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home outside Philadelphia.
> GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Hamas' exiled political leader has vowed to retaliate after Israeli troops killed 19 Palestinian civilians, many of them women and children, during a military operation in northern Gaza, according to Palestinian medical sources.
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