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Razvan Cojocaru wrote:
> Hello.
> Could you please provide more information on FOSDEM 2007? Will it take
> place in Brussels, at the end of February 2007? Is there a
> participation/registration fee? When does it become too late to
> register? How many hours per day does the conference usually last? How
> many days?

I just added this to the website that will be filled very soon with loads
of data (data we recovered from previous backups of our server)
I think this piece of text contains all the answers to your questions.

The seventh Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting is
a 2 days event, organized by volunteers, to promote the widespread use of
Free and Open Source software. Taking place in the beautiful city of
Brussels, Belgium FOSDEM meetings are recognised as "The best Free and
Open Source events in Europe."

Important Note: Entrance and attendance to FOSDEM talks and tutorials are
free, but donations to help us organizing and keeping the event free are

This year the event will take place the 24-25th February 2007 at Brussels

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