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Lauryn Grabowski harderdeficient at sub.net.au
Mon Apr 9 12:44:16 CEST 2007

Have you seen how these sub-one-cent companies take off on 
Good News?  For the past two months, every one we have 
brought you has shown Amazing Appreciation. 

At such a low price even the smallest Gain means a 
Significant Percentage Return.

We called (P)(P)(T)(L) as one to watch on Friday because of a 
Highly Anticipated Report from the Field.  It moved up 13% 
on Friday and the news isn't even out yet.  Just wait till 
word hits the street!

On second thought, Don't Wait!

Company (P)remium (P)e(T)ro(L)eum (P)(P)(T)(L)

Current  $0.0085 (+13%)
Target    $0.0450 (a FIVE bagger!)

At this time (P)(P)(T)(L)  has a number of Surveys and Drilling 
projects in progress.  We have heard that a Major Discovery 
has been made, and recommend our readers capitalize on this 
Opportunity right away!

Blogger freed after record contempt stint
Hit man was sought to kill fetus
Texans want Hold 'Em games legal ... and taxed 
Army: New friendly fire probe
Coyote jumps in Quiznos drink cooler 
Woman charged with faking HIV, taking money Video
Ahmadinejad: Pardon for UK sailors
CNNMoney: ZIP codes of the rich and famous
Records: Smith drugs all prescribed by 1 doctor


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