[FOSDEM] Q: FOSDEM visit from Russia

Konstantin A. Lepikhov lakostis at altlinux.org
Sat Feb 3 14:45:51 CET 2007


I'm would like to visit FOSDEM but never been in Europe before. So it's
good time to do it now :) I'm planning to take a week vacation and do the
road trip by Schengen area. According infos from Belgium FPS Foreign
Affairs site (http://www.diplomatie.be/en/default.asp) and our russian
site (http://www.belgium.ru/visa.php3) there are three variants for
visiting Belgium and Schengen:

1) travel visa
2) individual visit by invitation
3) business visit by invitation

As I'm understand 3) is not applicable for this case - FOSDEM organisators
doesn't have legal form for this. 1) case is good, but have restrictions -
I'm must reserve all hotels before travel (it's impossibe for road
trip due missing information for reservation) and must by travel in agency
(and repay for it). So 2) variant is best, but there is another problems -
who is take all response for me?

A few words about me and my contribution to FOSS:

My name is Konstantin Lepikhov, I'm a technical administrator/developer of
Russian Mozilla Team support forum (http://forum.mozilla-russia.org) and
site (http://www.mozilla-russia.org). Also I'm a member of ALTLinux Team
(http://www.sisyphus.ru/packager/lakostis/). All this projects (Mozilla
Russia Team and ALT) make great job for open-source community:

- Russian Mozilla Team is responsible for support of Mozilla products for
  russian users and developers and for Mozilla products promotion in
  Russia and exUSSR area. Our members are skilled translators, developers
  and administrators. We work closely with Mozilla.org community.

- ALT Linux is international project for public Linux distribution and
  packages repository (www.sisyphus.ru). Members of ALT Linux Team are
  occupied in various international projects

PS BTW, Is the anybody from xulfr.org is be on FOSDEM?

WBR et al.
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