[FOSDEM] FOSDEM needs better netadmins

Johan van Selst johans at stack.nl
Wed Feb 28 12:18:29 CET 2007

Jan Claeys wrote:
> On wo, 2007-02-28 at 11:57 +0100, Edwin Mons wrote:
> > Or be a nice Netizen and use SMTPS and SASL authentication with your
> > mail provider ;)  It worked all weekend for me without reconfiguration.
> What Edwin means is described in RFC-2476 "Message Submission", which
> uses port 587.
> Unfortunately most internet providers don't support this...  :-(

No, what Edwin refers to is described in RFC-4422, "Simple
Authentication and Security Layer" and uses the standard smtp (25) or
secure smtp (465) port and is supported by serveral ISPs I know of.

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