[FOSDEM] FOSDEM needs better netadmins

phil phil at pjd.me.uk
Wed Feb 28 16:45:08 CET 2007

 >Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> Gerry Demaret dixit: 
>>SMTP is blocked on the university's network.
> Among other things, yes. But as long as udp/1194 (openvpn)
> and maybe tcp/22 (ssh) aren't blocked, I'm happy...

Yes if port 22 was blocked it would be a catastrophe, the thing is 
people should realise that at the conference people were sniffing 
traffic and setting their machines to as access points. As one person 
said to me "Theres nothing you can do about that apart from finding them 
and [doing unmentionable things to] them". You really should tunnel all 
of your traffic when you're at a conference full of highly technical 
people as we're not all good people.

Just be thankful that this years networking has been much better than 
most where we've had to do silly things like installing strange drivers 
etc to get wireless working.


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