[FOSDEM] Minimum suggested donation.

Christophe Vandeplas cvandeplas at fosdem.org
Thu Jan 4 07:28:15 CET 2007

Colin Murphy wrote:
> In previous years, a minimum donation was specified.  Is these a suggested 
> figure for this year?

There is no such 'minumum donation' for the conference. We even accept
donations of 1 euro.

There is a 'minimum' for the donation returns, these are presents we give
if you make a donation. Currently the list of returns is not yet
finished. But as a reference I copy-paste the list of last year.

and see you soon in brussels

The primary characteristic of FOSDEM is that it is a non-commercial
event. To keep it that way, we think the best way to fund the event is to
ask for support from the open source community on a voluntary basis. We
ask that you support us by making a voluntary donation. To thank
donators, we have produced some packages in return for their support for
the 2006 edition, which may continue for other editions. Here is a
description of the packages corresponding to the amount contributed:
    * 25 euros : the FOSDEM T-shirt
    * 50 euros : T-shirt + O'Reilly pocket guide
    * 100 euros: T-shirt + O'Reilly book
    * 150 euros: T-shirt + O'Reilly book + participation in the draw to
get 5 books of your choice from O'Reilly (2 winners of 5 books).
    * 200 euros: T-shirt + O'Reilly book + participation in the draw to
receive 1 Sun Opteron workstation; we have 2 Sun workstations (Sun Ultra
20 with 1 GB, 80 GB HD, DVD, ...) to give to FOSDEM donators.

Christophe  Vandeplas
cvandeplas at fosdem.org

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