[FOSDEM] Tracks, rooms and talks still available at FOSDEM - update needed?

Yannick Warnier ywarnier at beeznest.org
Mon Jan 15 00:32:08 CET 2007


I'd like to know if the tracks, rooms and talks scheduled on
www.fosdem.org are up-to-date or if there is any more recent info about

I would like to request a lightning talk to present Dolibarr, a CRM/ERP
web-based application for European SMEs, and a dev-room for Dokeos, a
web-based e-learning management system (if possible on sunday early

None of them is 100% sure yet, but I'd like to know the availability of
these rooms.

I'm 100% fluent in english/french, so use what's easier for you when


Yannick Warnier

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