[FOSDEM] flyer/poster 2007

Karlheinz Geyer geyerk.fv.tu at nds.tu-darmstadt.de
Sun Jan 21 17:30:36 CET 2007

Hi folks,
i've spent some hours designing a "FOSDEM General Information-Flyer".
With the help of LaTeX (pdfLaTex) and the "leaflet-class" i easily 
came up with a small and nice FOSDEM2007 brochure.

Have closer look to it at:
"FOSDEM07 General Information-Flyer (fosdem07_gi.pdf) 

Please let me know your comments and/or counterproposals.

In the meantime i am going to think about a second flyer
"Timetable-Tracks-And-Talks" which should cover the timeline, rooms
and so on. I'm not sure if all the given information will fit on 2x3 
pages on the front and rearside of a single A4-paper.

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