[FOSDEM] result of keysigning party

Jeroen Dekkers jeroen at vrijschrift.org
Thu Mar 1 11:44:25 CET 2007

At Thu, 01 Mar 2007 08:46:14 +0100,
Alexander Prinsier wrote:
> I made a trust relation graph of all keys of the keysigning party.
> (Well technically, only those keys who signed my key, but since I
> finished the round, everyone should be on it. Though that's not the
> case, because not everyone has sent me their signature yet).
> You can find the picture here:
> http://aphexer.ulyssis.org/fosdem2007/fosdem_keysigning.jpg

It would look a lot better if you created a png instead of a jpeg. You
should only use jpeg for photos.

Jeroen Dekkers

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