[FOSDEM] An interesting platform for you?

James Michael DuPont user-3252897.4f31c8-1 at xing.com
Tue Mar 20 18:44:20 CET 2007


Have you heard of XING? 
Like you, I am always looking for new paradigms and best practices to enhance performance. 
Why not take a look at XING if you’re not already familiar with it? It's amazing how quickly it facilitates contact with key people. 
You control your own privacy, which means that you are not bombarded with messages from other members.  Send me a message once you’ve joined. 
James Michael DuPont


James Michael DuPont is inviting you to become a member of the XING network:

You may already know the following XING member:
- Michael Carius, company: Verizon Business
- Radu Gheorghievici-Pohl, company: Fair Isaac Corporation
- Michael Igel, company: Hewlett Packard
- Robert Peters, company: Informationsdesign AG
- Boris Leistikow, company: Leistikow MM&EDV
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