[FOSDEM] keysigning party

Joost van Baal joostvb-fosdem at mdcc.cx
Sun Dec 21 18:39:51 CET 2008

Op Sun 21 Dec 2008 om 03:11:46 +0100 schreef Christophe Vandeplas:
> On 12/21/08 2:53 PM, markus reichelt wrote:
>> will there be a keysigning party?
> There will be two different keysigning parties.
> For PGP/GPG you'll need to register in advance and send in your key.
> The instructions should be posted soonish on the website.

Within a couple of weeks, probably.


Joost (working on it)

irc:joostvb@{OFTC,freenode} ∙ http://mdcc.cx/http://ad1810.com/
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