[FOSDEM] LPI and/or BSDA refund for FOSDEM 2008

Christophe Vandeplas cvandeplas at fosdem.org
Thu May 1 10:23:14 CEST 2008

Ulrich Spoerlein wrote:
> Hi,
> I read in the sponsor section of the leaflet at FOSDEM, that some kind
> sponsor will refund the top 3 (5?) participants of the LPI and BSD
> certifications at FOSDEM 2008.
> I did partake in the certification, and would now like to know
> if/how/where I'm eligible for the refund.

I must admit we did forget this a little.

  I already started up the 'gathering-winners-info' phase. Once we know 
the names and emails we'll contact these people for their bank-information.

We'll publish the names winners on the website for transparency.

Thanks for remembering us.


Christophe  Vandeplas
cvandeplas at fosdem.org

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