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This is indeen a good question but not to be debatted by mails ! If ten 
people or more gives their opinion this way, I don't think it's very 
useful et clear.
Create a forum to talk about it... Sounds better to me... 


good to know you

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Re: [FOSDEM] Open Source ERP event

Philip Paeps wrote:
> What makes you think we don't ask them?  And still I don't see how this
> discussion can possible be relevant on fosdem at lists.fosdem.org.
> I'll be happy to discuss this further out-of-band if you like.  I think 
> spammed enough people with this nonsense, don't you?

Sorry for the meddling, but I don't think it is an irrelevant topic. For 
instance, if you make a quiz with the question: "Would you come to next 
if it is sponsored by Microsoft?", what do you think it would be the 
and what would be the reason for coming/not coming?


>  - Philip
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