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Matthias Andersson wrote:
> When will the program and list of speakers for Fosdem'09 be released?

Hi Matthias.

We're working on it, but it'll still take some time before it's finalized.

The call for devrooms and stands just met it's deadline yesterday, and
the projects that will get a devroom manage their own schedule. Their
deadline for sending in their schedule, speaker bios, talk abstracts
will be three weeks before the event because they need a lot of time to
get it done (coordinate with their community, speakers, budget, etc...).
Nevertheless, the list of projects with a devroom at FOSDEM 2009 will be
announced in one week from now.
The call for lightning talks is still open, but the schedule should be
announced a lot earlier than the devrooms because candidates are sending
lightning talk topics upfront.

Now, for the main tracks, we're currently in the process of contacting
speakers, waiting for ACK/NACK and filling the schedule. Main track
speakers will be announced as they confirm attending the event.

Generally speaking, expect a very technical schedule that covers a very
wide range of topics with FOSS projects, as we'll have something between
230 and 250 talks during the weekend, with 18 talks in parallel at all
times (except during the opening talks and keynotes), hence I'm pretty
sure that everyone who's interested in and possibly a contributor to
FOSS will find a lot of worthy sessions to attend ;)

hope this helps :)

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