[FOSDEM] Using biglumber services for the gpg Key signing party ?

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at hirlimann.net
Mon Aug 24 09:09:39 CEST 2009


I recently started using my gpg again - after a year or two of
inactivity. I've participated to previous Fosdems key signing parties in
previous editions of Fosdem, and it usually ends up in a interesting mess.
The best organized one was one where we could print ourselves the
complete keyring, that was generated by sending our public keys to a
know email address. But This doesn't prevent the work that needs to be
done afterwards. One of the annoying parts is when you sign a key and
that key is never counter signed. I'd like to propose to use
biglumber.com's services to organize the technical part of the
key-signing party. I know this means relying on a third party service
but I think It would make dealling with the organization of the event
way easier.
How would this work ?

    1) Someone would create a Fosdem 2010 event with a valid date on
    2) The event is announced like each year and a link to the biglumber
event is given with a End date to add your key to it.
    3) People wishing to participate to the event can add their key to
the event.
    4) People should print the event key list (and use it at the party),
before coming to Fosdem and after the End date given in 2.

With this most of the technical parts for the organization is solved.

In order to add your key to the key ring users need to register on
biglumber which some of the attendees might object. But the good news
about having to register is that people then can use the biglumber
escrow service - meaning that their signature will only be released and
updated - only when both person that have signed have uploaded. This
part of the process make the aftermath a bit longer but insures that key
signing will be symetric.

Thoughts, ideas , wdyt ?

ps, and no I'm not affiliated with biglumbers.com


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