[FOSDEM] Re: Key Signing Party -> Saturday Evening

Sven Guckes maillist-fosdem at guckes.net
Mon Feb 16 15:52:37 CET 2009

* Karlheinz Geyer <geyerk.fv.tu at nds.tu-darmstadt.de> [2009-02-11 14:34]:
> Zitat von Sven Guckes <maillist-fosdem at guckes.net>:
> > however, i suggest to take out both the key signing
> > and the cacert assurances from the conference
> > and simply do them at the free beer event.
> No way!

mind you, this is not the "beer event" on friday.
it's the "free beer event" on saturday evening.

> > then at least the KSP would not interfere with
> > the talks and development work at the conference.
> Leave the event on sunday afternoon and have a
> sufficently large corridor (U-Building) available
> if weather conditions turning out to be ugly.
> That will do the trick!

indeed - this event needs a sufficently large room.
however, such a room does not seem to be available.
and i doubt the university wants us
to clog up one of those corridors.

this event may need a new time as well so
it won't collide with all those many talks.

this can be arranged - for saturday night.
with yet another nice beer event. so easy.

i am sure the organizers will be happy to know that
the KSP won't collide with talks or workshops any more
and that all participants can take part at leisure -
having a beer right after the usual procedure. :-)


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