[FOSDEM] Donation from 1 sponsor

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Tue Jan 13 19:56:01 CET 2009

Op 20090113 om 18:31 schreef Nicolas Sahlqvist:
> As a professional you stop looking at things in such a black and white way
> that Benjamin does, in reality the world is very gray I'm afraid..

The FOSDEM public knows that the world is available in grayscale.

For me was the question of Benjamin just a technical question
about how much color one peticular sponsor puts in the event.

I can live with a political answer telling
that all sponsors just provide paint and the more paint the better it is.

I will attend FOSDEM 2009, not only because it is a great event,
but also to see for my self
that there are _several booths_ of book publishers.

See you
Geert Stappers

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