[FOSDEM] Accomodation

Allan Day allanpday at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 00:11:02 CET 2009

Thanks everyone for all the advice. Really really useful. I'd reiterate
that both booking.com and www.accorhotels.comis are good places to look.

In the end, I managed to get a cheap deal on a swank 4* hotel through
lastminute.com. :) It's funny, since I was planning to stay in a hostel,
but it really was the cheapest hotel room I could find in the centre.
Now I just have to hope they don't kick me out for not being smart/sober
enough. ;)

Roll on FOSDEM!


On Wed, 2009-01-21 at 13:32 +0000, Richard Ibbotson wrote:
> Always a good idea to check the week before just in case there are 
> cancellations....
> http://www.laj.be/html/en/hostels/brel/aubergesbrel_en01.htm
> http://www.laj.be/html/en/hostels/europe/aubergeseurope_en01.htm
> http://www.sleepwell.be/
> The Sleep Well hostel is particularly well known for it's ability to 
> screw up everyone else's booking so that a bed might become available.

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