[FOSDEM] Pictures 2009?

Roby Sottini rsottini at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 25 16:14:07 CET 2009

I didn't go to your country this time, but hope to go back to Europe this year for a long time and not for travelling. But now I am finishing my computers studies and looking for a scholarship at the old continent.


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Roby Sottini wrote:
> Hi! Yes, I am the guy travelling around Europe. I came back to Argentina three weeks ago and I am missing that continent so much.
> Here u can see some pictures of my trip: http://robysottinieurope.awardspace.com.
> What is your name?
> Roby

Hi Roby, nice pics.

You missed switzerland this time, and the wonderfull town which call root
not a joke .


A nice named place to organize a hack conf :-)

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> Hi,
> are you the Roby who helped out during FOSDEM ?
> I hope your trip through Europe went well !  Thanks again for your help
> btw, you really made a difference (along with a few others who stuck out
> the whole FOSDEM).
> Elise
>> Hello! I'd like to know where can I find pictures of FOSDEM 2009.
>> Roby Sottini
>> Ushuaia, Argentina


     Bruno Friedmann

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