[FOSDEM] Re: Parking space

Rodrigo OSORIO (ros) rodrigo at bebik.net
Mon Feb 1 09:52:29 CET 2010


Yes there is. Not only inside the ULB (I don't know if the parking is open
for the fosdem visitors), but as much as I know all around the place you have 
free places to park a car.

Hope this help
- rodrigo

On 01/02/10 08:46 +0000, Christian Vuerings wrote:
> When I look at the map on the transportation page [1] I can see that there
> is parking space available near Fosdem.
> Does anyone know if that space will be accessible for all visitors of
> Fosdem?
> If so, do you know how the day rate?
> Christian
> [1] http://fosdem.org/2010/practical/transportation

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