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Thu Feb 4 10:24:25 CET 2010

In an effort to make FOSDEM even more paperless, there are now Smartphone
applications with the FOSDEM schedule. The features of the application depend
on the platform, but they have a few features that make it nicer to use than
the paper booklet, such as being able to download the latest schedule, read
the descriptions of all the talks or view a map for each event. And best of
all, it's not paper!

The schedule is available for hacking in ical [1] and xcal [2] format.
-------- IPHONE  

The source code, written by Adam Ziolkowski and Leon Handreke, is available
on GitHub [3] under the Beerware License. You can download it from the
AppStore for free!

Download over here [4] on the AppStore.

-------- MAEMO  

The application, developed by the company Ixonos Oyj [5], with Alexander
Bezprozvanny (Advisor), Alexey Vyskubov (PM), Berendova Monika (Dev), Hanzes
Matus (Dev), Komara Martin (Dev), Korinek Pavol (Dev), Pavelka Pavol (Dev),
Timko Marek (Dev), Uzak Matus (Dev), Fortes Francisco(Dev). The source is
available on SourceForge [6] under the GPL License.

Download coming soon...

-------- ANDROID  

The source code, written by Michaël Uyttersprot, Pieter Iserbyt and
Christophe Vandeplas, is available on SourceForge [7] under the GPL License.

Download over here [8] on the Android Market. (or search for FOSDEM)

-------- WEBOS  

The source code, written by Raphael Kallensee, is available in his blog [9]
under the GPL License.

Download over here [10] on the Palm website.

For more information, or to fill in the form check out:

[1] /schedule/ical
[2] /schedule/xcal
[3] http://github.com/leonbrussels/fosdem
[4] http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fosdem/id348862089?mt=8&uo=6
[5] http://www.ixonos.com/
[6] https://sourceforge.net/projects/fosdem-maemo/
[7] https://sourceforge.net/projects/fosdem-android/
[8] //search?q=pname:org.fosdem

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