[FOSDEM] News : Video recordings online

info at fosdem.org info at fosdem.org
Sun Feb 14 16:36:50 CET 2010

You might have noticed the videos of the Main Tracks [1] and Lightning Talks
[2] are already online on our different mirrors. Round robin loadbalancing is
performed using the following link: http://video.fosdem.org [3].

  From now on we also publish the videos on YouTube. Google upgraded our
account so we can now upload videos without time-limitation. This means you
can watch any video streamed and in one single part.

Our official channel page is: http://youtube.com/fosdemtalks [4].

We are trying to collect recordings of the many developer rooms.

For more information, or to fill in the form check out:

[1] http://fosdem.org/2010/schedule/main-tracks
[2] http://fosdem.org/2010/schedule/tracks/lightningtalks
[3] http://video.fosdem.org
[4] http://youtube.com/fosdemtalks

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