[FOSDEM] Fosdem - good for me?

David "Lefty" Schlesinger lefty at access-company.com
Tue Jan 12 00:19:00 CET 2010

On 1/11/10 2:59 PM, "Maciej Rumianowski" <maciej.rumianowski at gmail.com>
> I would like to know if FOSDEM is right for me. I'm student of Warsaw
> University of technology(2nd year) and I'm just a beginner in Free and
> Open Source world as in whole Computer Science. I know something. But
> comparing it to your knowledge and experience I'm a tiny mouse.
> I'm interested in Web Developing, Linux related and Projects Management.

FOSDEM is a terrific conference that I would recommend to anyone with an
interest in Linux and open source software. I think you'd have to work very,
very hard _not_ to get something good out of it.

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