[FOSDEM] Keysigning: please submit your keys

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at hirlimann.net
Wed Jan 20 10:58:21 CET 2010

  On 20/01/10 10:49, Philip Paeps wrote:
> On 2010-01-13 20:47:29 (+0100), Philip Paeps<philip at fosdem.org>  wrote:
>> On 2010-01-05 20:00:05 (+0100), Philip Paeps<philip at fosdem.org>  wrote:
>>> If you intend to participate in the keysigning event, please submit the
>>> keys you'd like to have signed to the evil perl hack^W^W^Wkeyserver
>>> listening on ksp.fosdem.org.  If you're using GnuPG, that can be easily
>>> accomplished with:
>>>    % gpg --keyserver ksp.fosdem.org --send-key<your-keyid>
>> FYI: in the first week, 75 keys have been submitted.  I have a feeling we'll
>> be a fairly large crowd again!
> This is getting a little bit scary: 109 keys with 11 days to go.  I'm keeping
> track of ctimes on the submissions and I'll pour them into rrdtool at some
> point for your amusement (and mine).
Damn I'm giving a talk just after the signing event. I'll probabbly miss 
a few of these then :-(



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