[FOSDEM] Open Community Camp in Oegstgeest.nl July10-18 2010

Sven Guckes maillist-fosdem at guckes.net
Tue Jun 29 02:52:47 CEST 2010

* Marten <marten at wifisoft.org> [2010-06-29 02:25]:
> Open Community Camp 2010
> We are happy to announce OCC 2010.
> The camp has workshops during day
> time and lectures in the evenings.
> This year the camp offers again nice talks and workshops.
> If you plan to come and camp: please register!
> Read more on our site http://opencommunitycamp.org
> We hope to see you there,

"there"? hmm.. but where exactly?
sure..it says so  on the website.
but for those who do not want to
go there i'll append a summary.

have fun at the open community camp! :-)


title:     Open Community Camp (OCC2010)
from:      2010-07-10 Sat
unto:      2010-07-18 Sun
where:     Scouting Shawano's, Abtspoelweg 15,
           2343 JB Oegstgeest, Netherlands (near Leiden)
geo:       http://tinyurl.com/occ2010-location
web:       http://opencommunitycamp.org
workshops: http://opencommunitycamp.org/site/?q=node/34
talks:     http://opencommunitycamp.org/site/?q=node/17
workshops: drupaltent, mojolicious, network event kit, reprap.
else:      barcamp, bsd certification, pgp  key signing party.

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