[FOSDEM] FOSDEM call for lightning talks

Mattias 'Tias' Guns mguns at fosdem.org
Wed Nov 3 22:15:06 CET 2010

To all open source projects,

Lightning Talks are your chance for 15 minutes of fame: every free or 
open source project can apply for giving a lightning talk at FOSDEM.
Our goal is to offer all the projects that do not fit in a specific main 
track or devroom the opportunity to speak. During exactly 15 minutes, 
one person gets to present the project or any aspect of it. All the 
lightning talks happen in a large room that can host up to 300 people.

We hereby invite proposals for lightning talks, a talk can be submitted 
on the online form at:

2010-12-06: Deadline for lightning talk requests
2010-12-14: Acceptance notification of lightning talks
2011-02-05 to 2011-02-06: FOSDEM

Feel free to spread around,
The FOSDEM staff.

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