[FOSDEM] GSM BTS at Fosdem 2011?

Jan-Frederik Martens jfmartens at fosdem.org
Fri Nov 26 01:40:45 CET 2010

Hi Dirk,

> here in germany we often use eventphone on opensource-events ... maybe you contact them ... but i don't know, if the can provide gsm or dect/voip/...-only ...
> just take a look at www.eventphone.de ...

A DECT network has been considered in the past but we didn't follow 
through on it, mainly because providing decent coverage would require a 
-lot- of equipment.
Although the distance between the buildings furthest from each other is 
'only' about 300 meters, those buildings have thick reinforced concrete 
walls which severly dampen EM frequencies.



Jan-Frederik Martens
jfmartens at fosdem.org
Fosdem 2010: 05 & 06/02/2011

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