[FOSDEM] Call for presentations: Mozilla at Fosdem 2012

Benoit Leseul benoit.leseul at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 16:42:49 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

For some reason, I failed to send our CFP to this mailing list in
time. The call is now extended to 2011-12-31.

"Like each year since 2003, Mozilla will have a Developer Room at Fosdem.

This year will be a little special for two reasons:

    First, for the first time the local community in Belgium will be
leading the organization and planning of Mozilla's presence.
    And second, we'll have a bigger devroom and will be able to
accomodate more people (up to 363 seats). This may allow us to do a
few workshops along with the conferences.

If you are interested in giving a talk, leading a workshop or some
other session we should hold in the Mozilla DevRoom, please add it to
the Proposals page on wiki.mozilla.org before 2011-12-31:

Please make sure to list your contact info on your userpage so we can
reach you easily if you talk is accepted. All participants who are
selected to be official speakers in the by Mozilla DevRoom will be
eligible for travel and hotel sponsorship.

We've already had a brainstorming session during MozCamp Europe 2011
on what we would like to see in the Mozilla Devroom, so feel free to
take a look at the resulting etherpad for inspiration:

Of course, any other Mozilla-related proposal which you think would be
interesting to share with other FLOSS communities is welcome. For
example, there seems to be no Accessibility DevRoom this year so this
could be a great subject."

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