[FOSDEM] Keysigning: last day to submit your keys

Geyer, Karlheinz geyerk.fv.tu at nds.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Feb 1 12:46:59 CET 2011

Hi Philip,

Zitat von "Philip Paeps" <philip at fosdem.org>:

> Submission of keys is now closed.  The two people who sent me their key this
> morning are still in.

Do not forget to copy these two new keys to /keys ...maybe they are there
already, haven't checked today.

> Anyone other keys I may receive today ... sorry.  I'm
> preparing the list of participants now.

Are you going to send the list today? Well, i have two days of Tuesday and
Wednesday and wont't come to my office to print the list out before i leave
heading BRU on Friday.

> Note that kspd won't accept any more keys from this point on either.

If you want me to cross-check checksums beforehand let me please know.

Thx for your effort!

>  - Philip

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