Fwd: [FOSDEM] Keysigning: signing homework

Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Mon Feb 21 14:32:45 CET 2011

On 2011-02-21 13:27:20 (+0000), Leandro Doctors <leandro.doctors at umons.ac.be> wrote:
> 2011/2/6 Philip Paeps <philip at fosdem.org>:
> > If you didn't catch the hashes as they flew past, you can verify them against
> > the list of hashes on https://ksp.fosdem.org/files/.
> >
> > Please try to complete your signing homework before Sunday 5 June 2011.  You
> > may find "caff" a helpful tool.
> I haven't been able to synchronize my key on the server ksp.fosdem.org using
> Seahorse. I get either a "not implemented" or "use LDAP v3" error.

ksp.fosdem.org is a submission-only keyserver and it only accepts submissions
up to the deadline before the conference.  It does not pretend to be a full

> What is the full server address I should use? I've tried using
> hkp://ksp.fosdem.org and ldap://ksp.fosdem.org as keyservers

Any reasonably well-connected keyserver should do.  pgp.mit.edu and
subkeys.pgp.net are favourites as far as I can tell.

 - Philip

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