[FOSDEM] Any interest in 3XL tshirts?

Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Mon Jan 10 17:18:29 CET 2011

We're just ordering this year's tshirts (and they will look at least as nice
as last year!) and it strikes me that the geek demographic seems to be getting
smaller and smaller from year to year.  The bulk of our tshirts are currently
L and M where they used to be XL and XXL.

Before you ask: by popular demand there will be two sizes of girl-shaped
tshirts this year.  We're still working from precious little statistical data
on these so we can't guarantee we won't run out of them before the end of the
weekend.  Show up early I say, and even if they're gone let the infodesk know
you'd like one so we have better numbers for next year.

Having said that: we do get a number of requests for some larger tshirts (3XL
and above) every year.  When I asked our printer about these a couple of years
ago they could not source them (easily) in small numbers.  I'd like to try and
do some again this year, but need a rough indication of how many we'd need.

If you're interested in a larger tshirt, please unicast me an email.  I can't
promise we'll be able to get larger tshirts this year, but if there is
sufficient interest it may be possible.

FOSDEM: catering to geeks of all shapes and sizes (or trying to)!

 - Philip

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