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I know you probably didn't mean a full-fledged speech by that, but if
proposals are still being taken (not sure how far and definite you are
with your program at this moment), I'd be more than willing to talk
about open source video editing software from the point of view of an
artist, about the availability of the software in general, my
experiences as a first time user, the transition progress from
commercial software and how it can be improved, and what needs to be
done in this area in general, because, while keeping in mind all the
tremendous work by coders and other people in that area, there is a
lot that can be done.

I believe that especially advanced video editing
has been lacking behind raster and vector editing, desktop publishing,
web publishing and pretty much any other possible kind of authoring
software in the open source world. I think that especially because
this information needs to reach developers, this conference would be a
perfect place.

Would be glad to hear some feedback about this. Also, how long are
your speeches? The normal size, i.e. 30min-60min, or additionally
short speeches, from 5-20min?


2011/1/18 Dodji Seketeli <dodji at seketeli.org>:
> Jakub Szypulka <cubibubi at googlemail.com> a écrit:
>> Thanks to all you guys!
> You deserve the praise, as far as I am concerned.
>> I used Kdenlive (astonishing software, albeit a few bugs) and some
>> Audacity for audio enhancements.
> So all Free Software. This ought to be known more!
> /me claps his hands.
> --
>                Dodji
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