[FOSDEM] Call for volunteers for FOSDEM video team

Moray Allan moray at sermisy.org
Thu Feb 2 16:46:02 CET 2012

The FOSDEM video team are still seeking volunteers to help stream and
record sessions.  Previous experience working with video and/or audio
is useful, but not required -- some brief training will be offered on
Saturday morning.

You don't need to work all weekend; it's already useful to sign up for
a few sessions that you planned to attend anyway.

For more information, see this wiki page, which also shows what
sessions should have video coverage, and what jobs have been claimed
so far:


To quote from that page:
> Please email BOTH Wouter Verhelst, wouter at debian.org AND CC mvandenborre at fosdem.org if you would like to help with video streaming FOSDEM 2012. Also, it's useful if you subscribe to video at lists.fosdem.org, so we can contact you easily if needed.
> IRC: irc.freenode.net, #fosdem , Wouter: Yoe, Mark: markvandenborre
> Thanks for volunteering!


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