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On 01/06/2012 03:33 PM, Pascal Bleser wrote: 

	On 2012-01-06 15:11:42 (+0100), claire corgnou <clarista.mozilla at gmail.com> <mailto:clarista.mozilla at gmail.com>  wrote:

		I'd like to propose you a presentation I could do during the Fosdem: a
		presentation about FLOSS and Average Jane or Joe = why we need to reach the
		whole public, to explain the FLOSS 'philosophy... Because people don't know
		the ideal that is behind FLOSS. And because "normal" people can do a lot of
		things to help to spread FLOSS. So I'd like also to give some ideas of easy
		contributions towards the public.
		Do you think it would be possible to do this presentation?


	If you do have a few interesting ideas or edges, or even better,
	experience with how to bring forward those ideas and reach out
	to a broader audience and gain contributors, that might indeed
	be on topic and appropriate for the typical audience of FOSDEM.

I hope I can chime in here and support the idea to highlight the importance of recruiting "normal people"!

And if I could, I would like to ask Claire for some special advice on how we can improve our efforts in EPFSUG to reach out in the European Parliament. We have thousands of normal people working here :-)

We'll hopefully bring some beautiful t-shirts with our brand new supercute mascot Edge the Hedgehog, but I'm sure there is lots of stuff we have not thought of yet!

Best regards.


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