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Wouter Simons wouter.simons at fosdem.org
Wed Jan 11 14:40:05 CET 2012

Hi all,

Fosdem is fast approaching, and for those of you visiting Brussels
with your partners, there is also the annual Spouse tour.
there's still room at the moment, but these things beeing what they
are it's best toregister quickly. It's on a first come first served

You can register by sending a mail to tour at fosdem.org mentioning the
name of the person who will be taking the tour and wether they will be
comming satterday, sunday or both , OR by going to
http://fosdem.org/2012/fosdem-spousespartners-tour-0.. IF you register
via the site, please don't forget to mention an email adress where you
can be reached in case of last minute changes.

you can find an abstract of the tour below

kind regards

Wouter Simons

Since 2009, FOSDEM hires professional guides to offer a free guided
tours of Brussels for the spouses/partners.If he/she would like to
accompany you, and is not interested in the FOSDEM conference, this
will make the stay worthwhile. Brussels is a city with a rich
historical past, and a cosmopolitan present.

The free tours will take place both afternoons of the conference. Both
tours will give you a different view of a part of the city and will be
different from the tours offered last year.
The guides will gather participants at the info desk (building H), and
every tour ends there as well for convenience. The tour on Saturday
starts at 2pm, and ends at 18:30. The tour on Sunday starts at 12h15
and ends at 15h45, to make sure everyone is back on campus at 4pm. We
meet just outside the infodesk, building H. The guides are from the
organization Brukselbinnenstebuiten (= "Brussels turned inside out").
However, to make sure we have the right number of people in mind,
please use the form below to register for these tours (you can select
Saturday, Sunday or both). We have a maximum of 30 or 40 people

Children are welcome, but bear in mind that these are walking tours,
and that it is februari. Your children must be old enough to walk
around for 3 hours in the winter temperatures (the responsibility is
entirely yours).

On Saturday, February 4, 2012, we will visit the nearby Warande and
Leopold district, with a stroll along historic centers of power (Ducal
Palace, Royal Palace, Parliament, embassies, ministries, EU services)
The group will start of at the campus Solbosch, the location of
FOSDEM, start off with tram 94 to the Royal Park. From there we will
start a a neighborhood walk, with a short coffee break.
After the tour the group will take the 95 bus from the “Place du
Luxembourg “ back to Solbosch.
Duration: from 14h to Solbosch, until 18:30
starting at Solbosh

On Sunday, February 5, 2012 We will visit to the neighborhood of
Solbosch / “de la Cambre” woods, with a walk on ULB, Solbosch, the
world exhibition of 1909, and construction and current use of the “de
la Cambre” woods, with a short coffee stop en route at the Chalet
Duration: from 12:15 to Solbosch, until 15:45 p.m. at Solbosch
starting at Solbosh

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