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Steven Leeman steven.leeman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 15:40:39 CET 2012

2012/1/26 Steven Leeman <steven.leeman at gmail.com>

>> I can tell you that Mobile Vikings is a prepayed card for everyone.
>> You'll have to pay for an entire month (€15), but that is non-recurring.
>> I think (but maybe Wouter cut you some better deal) you also have to pay
>> €15 for the sim card.
> correct...
> 15 euro administrative costs for the sim card which is not changed into
> "voice/sms/internet" services...
> so they would be spending 30 euro's :(
> there is a solution...
> they have a 12 euro data-only sim card solution
> the 2gigabyte will be only for 1 month (no grace)
> it will cost 15 euro but you don't need to "recharge" it with 12 euro to
> get the data-only... you can use it right away to surf the net.
> and don't tell me all the fosdem visitors require voice/sms ? They can use
> whatsapp, jaxtrsms, skype, voipster, voipbuster or other sip & smsclients
> :-)

reference : https://mobilevikings.com/en/offer/price-plans/data-only/
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