[FOSDEM] Name stickers!

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Mon Jan 30 00:29:27 CET 2012

Hi everyone,

Fosdem is a great place to meet new people. But how do you find the 
people you are interested to talk to? How do you know if you have a 
common interest with the people that stand around you?

This is a proposal that you wear a badge or a sticker that gives other's 
a hint which project you're involved with, for example "LibreOffice 
Localizer" or "Mozilla QA".

Because Fosdem is a free conference and badges are expensive, we offer a 
compromise: Name stickers!

We will try to provide a sufficient amount of non-permanent name 
stickers that you could attach to your t-shirt or jacket.  (Disclaimer: 
According to the vendor of the stickers claims they should not cause any 
permanent damage to your cloth, we don't take over any responsibility in 
case something goes wrong, please make use of the stickers at your own 

Fosdem organizers have agreed to share the costs. This is also a good 
reminder that you might consider a small amount to donate for this great 

You should be able to get your sticker Saturday morning! (For backup 
purposes, you might consider to bring a bad that you already have from 
another conference.)

Best Regards and see you next weekend,

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