[FOSDEM] Virtualization Devroom CFP @ FOSDEM 2013

Lars Kurth lars.kurth at xen.org
Thu Nov 15 14:02:52 CET 2012


The organizers of the Virtualization devroom at FOSDEM 2013
invite you to submit a session proposal. The purpose of this
devroom is to serve as a meeting point for virtualization
projects, including a unique opportunity for discussion and
collaboration between developers from different projects.

This devroom will focus on open source virtualization
projects. All developers who want to present their ideas and
software at Virtualization DevRoom 2013 are welcome, provided

* Their project is related to virtualization
* They join the devroom as developers. Developers working for
   companies, public/private agencies or universities speak
   for themselves and not for their employer. OSVC2012 is
   about how to develop more effectivevirtualization
   solutions (ideas and code, not marketing)
* The code for their project must have been released under a
   free software or open source license (its license must meet
   the FSF definition of Free Software or the OSI definition
   of Open Source)

Topics covered will include, but not limited to:
* Machine virtualization (e.g. KVM, Xen, VirtualBox, ...)
* Network virtualization (e.g. openvstack, Open vSwitch,
   vale, vde, ...)
* Process level virtualization, flexible kernels (e.g. rump
   anykernel, view-os, ...)
* Virt management (e.g. ganeti, libvirt, ovirt, XCP, ...)

For more information see http://osvc.v2.cs.unibo.it

If you would like some help refining your proposal, or would
like to discuss what topics are most appropriate for this
devroom, please use the virt-devroom at lists.fosdem.org
<https://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo> mailing list.

The virt devroom will last for one day: Saturday, February 2,
2013. Talks will last 25 minutes (including Q&A) and will start
at every full half hour.

To submit a CFP send your proposal to virt-devroom at
lists.fosdem.org <https://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo>
and include the information listed in the requested in CFP
section of http://osvc.v2.cs.unibo.it to your proposal.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 16, 2012.

Thank you,

Virt Devroom Organizers

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