[FOSDEM] Feed the fosdem hackers @ VoidWaranties (hackerspace) Antwerp on sunday evening

Ward De Ridder fosdem at warddr.eu
Fri Feb 1 10:29:27 CET 2013

Hello all

I'd like to invite you all to the 1st edition of the "Feed The FOSDEM 
hackers" event, sunday 3 february at voidwarranties Antwerp.
Here is some more information:

The last FOSDEM talk ends at 18:00 and since for many hackers the trip 
back home leads them past Antwerp, we decided to open the doors of our 
hackerspace. This is a great opportunity to meet hackers who live to 
further away. We look forward to meeting you and showing off our space 
and projects.

We will also feed the hungry, hungry hackers that evening. Please add 
your name to the list so we have an idea of how much noms to make. 
Please notify us of any food allergies or preferences (eg: vegetarian) 
too. A small participation will be required to cover for the price of 
the food. The food will be served around 19:00.

You can signup here:


Ps, if anyone driving in that direction would like some company in the 
car, and maybe some instructions on how to get there, I am prepared to 
volunteer to drive along, that will save me a train trip :D.

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