[FOSDEM] POST Fosdem feedback

Joost Ringoot joost at ringoot.org
Tue Feb 5 14:19:04 CET 2013

What a success again, what a great event again, I learnt a lot again.

I guess you all know that overcrowed rooms are frustrating, me too I turned
back from some rooms with a sign "room full no more entrance for security
That's sad, but that's not a bad sign, it means rather that the success was

Tips for next year?:
Try to  start earlier on saturday?
Try to get bigger rooms?
Maybe 2 days is too short, extra weekdays, or extra weekend? I would take a
holiday for an extra day of Fosdem.
A folding ladder that can stand on stairs in case of beamer problems might
be usefull  (I remember chavanne saturday afternoon).
Try to get mivb/stib involved to get a little more public transport between
fosdem and stations/city center/large parkings?

Thanks again for this magnificent event to the organisers, the volunteers,
the speakers and the sponsors.

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