[FOSDEM] More FOSDEM feedback

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue Feb 5 18:42:12 CET 2013

First time FOSDEM attendee, developer room manager.

Two suggestions:  I would encourage a voluntary name tag system.  I saw
some people doing that, and I really craved broader usage.  It's really
nice to be able to quickly scan some ones name and project information
and perhaps make a connection you wouldn't otherwise make.  I think
trying to centralize registration and hand out name tags like at other
conferences would be a huge PITA.  But I would have been cheerful to
hand make a name tag ahead of time.  Perhaps I missed the encouragement
to do so, but I would suggest encouraging that explicitly under the
'registration' section.

Second, the address published on the web site does not work properly in
Google maps.  If you simply cut + paste the venue information, you get
poor results.  I had lunch with a gentleman who took the metro to the
Erasme stop and lost several hours figuring out how to get to FOSDEM.
If I look here:
(or on the English equivalent), the postal code is prefixed with a B-
(so B-1050).  Perhaps that's the problem; perhaps Google needs to be
corrected.  I thought I'd mention it regardless.

With that said, I know how hard it is to always get complaints; studies
show that one complaint can overshadow 10 or 15 compliments.

I would be very sad if my email left an organizer with a net negative
emotional boost.  FOSDEM is amazing; it is an impressive and open and
cheerful event.  The originators and current organizers are truly
amazing people who bring a marvel to the world each year. I would really
appreciate it if you could construe that as at least 100 compliments <grin>.



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