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John Sullivan johns at fsf.org
Tue Feb 5 21:57:01 CET 2013

alberto fuentes <pajaro at gmail.com> wrote:

>On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 6:42 PM, Jeremy White <jwhite at codeweavers.com>
>> Second, the address published on the web site does not work properly
>> Google maps.  If you simply cut + paste the venue information, you
>> poor results.  I had lunch with a gentleman who took the metro to the
>> Erasme stop and lost several hours figuring out how to get to FOSDEM.
>> If I look here:
>>   http://www.ulb.ac.be/campus/solbosch/solbosch.html
>> (or on the English equivalent), the postal code is prefixed with a B-
>> (so B-1050).  Perhaps that's the problem; perhaps Google needs to be
>> corrected.  I thought I'd mention it regardless.
>I dont know what happened, because is not my first year, but i got lost
>as well.
>Actually, I met people looking for fosdem at erasmu station on
>saturday. On sunday I overheard a few guys saying they got lost as
>I brought the point saved from home and I recall entering the
>coordinates directly in google maps. When I rechecked the coordinates
>on saturday on fosdem it gave me the right campus...
>Maybe i didnt entered the coordinates the time that I _actually_ saved
>the point... or maybe we are just the 1% who always get lost. With so
>many people, there always have to be a bunch ;)
>Who knows... at least i wasnt the only one x)
>To add some extra feedback, is worth pointing out in the
>transportation page that tram 25 does not go up to fosdem on sunday...
>But you can still take it (to go back as well) walking a few blocks :)
>a map of fosdem in the android app would be cool as well
>PS: I should had suspect something fishy was going on when google gave
>me directions... If the Metro actually had an station on fosdem why
>did I took it any other year...
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I also almost fell for the Erasmus trick on Sunday morning.
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