[FOSDEM] still! (was: Re: free pick up @ fosdem: SunFire V210 SPARC system)

Joost van Baal-Ilić joostvb-fosdem at mdcc.cx
Thu Jan 31 10:23:27 CET 2013

Hi again,

On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 08:17:20AM +0100, Joost van Baal-Ilić wrote:
> I'd like to get rid of (2) SunFire V210 UltraSPARC IIIi systems.  They're now in
> Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  I'll bring them to the FOSDEM conference.  If
> you'd like to have one (bonus points if you're doing Free Software development
> on it) contact me for agreeing on a time and place to hand it over.

Up to now, I've found 2 people interested. (Ward and Simon).  This means I'll
be stuck with some machines.  So, if you're interested in a Sun SPARC system,
please reply now.  Beware: you'll likely need a car for transportation; these
systems are quite cluncky.   They're about 10 years old.  Debian GNU/Linux and
some BSD's and some other distro's are known to be installable and supported on
these systems.  See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Fire .



PS: visit me at the Debian booth, that's stand number 9 at level 1 in
building K (the "new" building)

irc:joostvb@{OFTC,freenode} ∙ http://mdcc.cx/http://ad1810.com/

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