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To get more awareness about http://fsfe.org/campaigns/android/android.html
a.k.a. http://freeyourandroid.org

Geert Stappers

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From: Erik Albers
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On 29/10/13 18:53, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Op 2013-10-29 om 11:31 schreef Erik Albers:
>> Dear All,
>> From 12 to 15th of December there will be an art/technology-festival by the
>> 'Constant Association for Art and Media' in Brussels:
>> 	http://constantvzw.org/site/Are-You-Being-Served.html
>> They would love to do a phone-flash-party (like FreeYourAndroid workshops) in
>> that people that did phone-flashing gather with people that have not yet
>> experience in phone-flashing but like to free their phones.
>> They asked me to host the event, but, unfortunately, I am not able to make it
>> in that time. But maybe you know someone who has interest in assisting (or
>> even hosting) the event? They also have some budget and can pay a small fee.
>> Please ask me for more details
> May I forward your posting to other mailinglsts?

yes of course, feel free. but please do not include my email-address directly,
better point to my contact-address at


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