[FOSDEM] Call for participation: lightning talks and stands

Wynke Stulemeijer wynke at fosdem.org
Sun Sep 15 22:27:38 CEST 2013

There is still time to submit main track presentations. The deadline
for proposing developer rooms has now passed. Please see our previous
call for participation for more information on submitting main track


We now also invite proposals for lightning talks and stands.

Lightning talks

Lighting talks are short - 15 minutes - talks on a wide variety of topics. 
Anyone who has something interesting to say about an open source topic
can apply. We particularly encourage topics that do not fit in any of the
developer rooms.

Proposals for lightning talks should be submitted using Pentabarf:


Please be sure to select "lightning talks" in the "track" field.

Questions or remarks? Contact us at lightningtalks at fosdem.org.


FOSDEM offers open source projects the opportunity to display their work
during the event. At their stand, a project can share information, demo
software, sell merchandise, give away goodies, and so on, and personally
interact with the visitors.
What we offer:

- one 180x80cm table, positioned in one of the buildings with developer
  rooms, for the entire duration of the conference. In some cases, a
  second table may be possible, if you have a good reason to need two.
- two chairs per table
- one power socket type C/E (if you require adapters or additional
  sockets, please bring them yourself)
- fast uplink shared wireless Internet access

Further practical considerations:

- The offer for stands is open to open source projects and communities
- There is no cost or fee for the stands
- The stand should be occupied by at least two people for the duration of
  the conference.

Submission details:

Send your request via email to stands at fosdem.org. Please include at
least the following information:

- Project name
- Stand description
- Project URLs
- Your name and relation to the project
- Why should FOSDEM accept this proposal?
- Optionally, if requesting two tables, motivation for the second table

Questions or remarks? Contact us at stands at fosdem.org.

Key dates:

* 15 September
   - deadline for developer room proposals
* 1 October
   - deadline for main track proposals
   - accepted developer rooms announced
* 20 November
   - deadline for stands and lightning talks
* 15 December
   - accepted stands and lightning talks announced

Kind regards,

Wynke Stulemeijer.

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