[FOSDEM] FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting as a co-located event to FOSDEM ?

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona jgb at gsyc.es
Thu Dec 11 10:42:37 CET 2014

Hi all,

We're organizing the FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting, Brussels edition,
just the afternoon before FOSDEM. I wonder if it could be announced as a
co-located event with FOSDEM, in its webpage.

The ideas of FCM2 are quite in line with FOSDEM: free entry, technical
discussions, combination of talks and people talking to each other. We
would like to organize it as a part of FOSDEM, but given how difficult
it is to get a devroom, we aimed for an independent, but related, event.

In fact, for a couple of years, some of us organized the Research
devroom at FOSDEM. It later evolved into a proposal for a devroom on
metrics about free / open source development, which was not accepted for
2013. That was the reason why we aimed for organizing it somewhere else,
and we found a venue in Porland, just the day OSCON started. With a
similar idea, this year we aimed for renting a room in Brussels, and
organizing it the day before FOSDEM.

You can find some more info at: http://flosscommunitymetrics.org/ (still
under construction), and about the Portland meeting at

Currently, the call for contributions is open. We're recommending
registration, but mainly for space reasons (space is not cheap in
Brussels, and it is limited for the meeting).

So, do you think this could be advertised as a co-located event?



http://twitter.com/jgbarah          http://gsyc.es/~jgb

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